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February 2024

HEINZMANN - Anniversaries as a sign of stability

The family-owned company HEINZMANN once again demonstrates its position as a reliable and secure employer through the many long years of service of its employees. This year, a total of six employees are celebrating their 10th and 25th anniversaries with the company, while four others can proudly look back on 30 years of service. In the following interview, Alina Stoll (first-year commercial trainee) talks to Ellen Hupke, one of the 30-year anniversaries:

Ellen Hupke has travelled an impressive path in her 30 years at HEINZMANN. Originally working in the governor department, she moved to quality assurance after 14 years before returning to the mechanical motor governor department two years ago. Her expertise and wide-ranging experience make her an important member of our team.

AS: Did you expect to stay with HEINZMANN for 30 years?

HuE: I spent the first three months in Albershausen, was trained there and then moved to Schönau with the company. After that, everything happened very quickly and time almost flew by, but I really hadn't reckoned on 30 years.

AS: What has changed since you started working at HEINZMANN??

HuE: The colleagues, the new products and the structural changes.

AS: What do you remember fondly?

HuE: I found the love of my life here, so my personal happiness. But I also remember many employees with whom I was able to laugh a lot but also work very well.

AS: What makes HEINZMANN a good employer for you, what do you particularly appreciate?

HuE: The special thing about HEINZMANN for me is that you can rely on the company even in personally difficult times. You could always talk to the boss personally, he made time to listen. He was always helpful and trusted you. That's still the case today.

AS: What were and are the challenges in your day-to-day work?

HuE: At the beginning it was difficult to familiarise myself with the job, but even more difficult was the change from centrifugal governors to quality control. I had to learn a lot of new things. But with the help of my colleagues and training courses, I managed it.

AS: What advice would you give to new employees at HEINZMANN?

HuE: In QA, the trainees and students came to me at the beginning and I always told them: "Be friendly, be nice, because you'll always get that back. Besides, it's all about togetherness here". Many of them came to me later and said it was a very good tip and helped them a lot.

Ellen Hupke's career reflects the dynamism and diversity of our corporate culture. We warmly congratulate Mrs Hupke on her successes and her many years of commitment.

HEINZMANN is proud to have such dedicated employees as Mrs Hupke, as their commitment and loyalty contribute significantly to the continuous growth and success of HEINZMANN.

If you are interested in training or a career at HEINZMANN, you can find out more at hierIf you are interested in training or a career at HEINZMANN, you can find out more here

The interview was conducted and the article written by Alina Stoll (first-year commercial apprentice).


Jubilee Ellen HupkeJubilee Ellen Hupke with management and works council representative.

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