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As well as supplying the right type of motor for your application, we provide the associated system components to form a complete solution. The benefit to you is that the HEINZMANN team of experts gives you support in choosing a tailored drive system for your application and you receive perfectly harmonised components from a single source.


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PMS System Components

Motor controller

Motor controller Permanently excited synchronous motors require electronic controllers for their operation. These controllers are subject to the utmost dynamic requirements and must demonstrate extreme performance characteristics. That's why a selection of tried-and-tested motor controllers is available for the motors in the PMS series. As a result, the interplay of both components achieves optimum results.

Motor feedback

Motor feedback Depending on requirements, three different types of motor feedback are available in the PMS series: Hall, sin/cos motor feedback or resolver. This enables control of PMS motors by virtually any conventional motor controller.


Gear Depending on the transmission ratio, 1, 2 or 3-stage planetary gears are used to adjust speeds and torque to meet requirements.


Brake All PMS motors can also be equipped with brakes. Depending on requirements, this can be a service brake or parking brake with electric or manual control, and safety brakes are also available.

System software

System software Solving a drive problem generally involves more than just programming the motor controller. The drive is frequently one component of a higher-level overall system. HEINZMANN offers a software extension to embed and adapt the drive into its customers’ overall concepts.

USB/CAN adapter

USB/CAN adapter User-specific programs and settings are normally loaded onto the motor controller via CAN bus using a USB interface. HEINZMANN provides the necessary adapters for this.

Hand programmer

Hand programmer In most cases, the motor controller is configured or programmed using a PC. However, this can also be done completely using an operating unit. This also allows rapid adaptation in the field, e.g. without the need for a laptop to be available.

Changeover contactor

Changeover contactor This component is used to safely and reliably isolate the drive system from the voltage supply. It is individually selected to meet the requirements of the application.

Customer adaption

Customer adaption If required, HEINZMANN provides its customers with individual support in configuring and programming the motor controller to achieve the best possible results when implementing the drive solution.

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