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Fire-Fighting Vehicle

Electric Stair Climber

Lift System

Lifting Platform

Fire-Fighting Vehicle

Systems and components

  • 2 PMSG 208-500-2-42 wheel hub motors with gears






Multi-functional modular crawler type vehicle RTE Robot

The RTE Robot (Rosenbauer Technical Equipment) is a radio-controlled, electrically driven multifunctional crawler vehicle. The payload of the robot is up to 650 kg with a dead weight of around 350 kg. A modular system gives the RTE Robot its enormous variability.

In very close cooperation with Rosenbauer, the optimal drive solution for the RTE Robot was designed. This consists of two highly efficient PMSG motor-gearbox units including motor controller. Due to the high degree of protection IP6K9K, these are ideally suitable for demanding firefighting applications in every terrain.


Electric Stair Climber

Systems and components

  • SL Disk Motor SL 100-2NFB





Electric Stair Climber

The AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH is a manufacturer of mobile, flexible and practical stair climbing systems and auxiliary drives in the areas of transport and rehabilitation technology. As a leading supplier of electric stair bag trolleys, AAT Alber offers effective, cost-saving and back-saving stair transport solutions for loads of all kinds, up to 400 kg. For its CargoMaster C120, which is available in 3 different versions, AAT Alber relies on the reliableSL 100-2NFB disc motor.

AAT ALBA received design support from HEINZMANN. A specially adapted gearbox in cooperation with the SL allows AAT to produce a very compact staircase drive. The extremely flat design of the brushed SL 100 supports this goal. It proves to be the ideal solution for the innovative stair climbing system, as it is extremely robust and ideally suited for harsh industrial environments.


Lift System

Systems and components

  • SL 100-2NFB






Portable Lift System

The Swiss company HighStep Systems AG has developed the world’s first portable lift system, which is equipped with HEINZMANN SL 100-2NFB direct current motors. The coordinated motor sizes and the high efficiency of the motor and gears result in optimum power to weight ratios. This allows the use of small, space-saving batteries and guarantees a compact design.

The flexible HighStep lift system provides access to high structures such as high voltage, telecommunication or transmission masts, wind turbines, construction cranes or any other kind of high structure. During product development, HighStep Systems were supported every step of the way by HEINZMANN.

The HEINZMANN brushed disc-type motor - slightly modified for the specific customer requirements - has proven to be the ideal solution for the innovative lift system, as it is extremely robust and perfectly suited for harsh industrial environments.

Lifting Platform

Systems and components

  • PMSG 100 wheel hub motors with gears









EVO4 mobile lifting platform

Environmental awareness and ecology have very strong roots in South Tyrol. It is therefore no coincidence that Samatec, the agricultural machinery manufacturer based in Prad in Venosta Valley, is well known for its machines with electric drives. Among these is the EVO4 lifting platform, which operates for more than 600 hours a year in the tramlines of orchards, getting up to four agricultural workers to the right working height for the apple harvest.

Designed for steep terrain, the EVO4 has to be able to cope with inclines and descent of up to 45°. This requires a drive solution with powerful motors and a high gear reduction.

The core of the EVO4 lift drive system is the PMSG 100 wheel hub motors with gears and controllers from HEINZMANN, which is mounted on each wheel hub of the vehicle. With their small size and flat design, the disc-type motors are ideal for the axially confined installation space on the wheel hubs. High power and efficiency ultimately make the servo motors a totally efficient drive solution.

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